“20-20 vision blur and can’t even feel the syrup, I’m on acid.”

“I can smoke a pound of dro and drink myself under the floor, I’m on acid.”

“Put the straw up to your nose, take the blow straight to your dome, I’m on acid. “

“You passin out in my front yar, throwin up on Xanax bars, I’m on acid. “

Hair: Lcky – Mei

Eyelashes: Sintiklia – Glam Eyelashes [Tinted and modified]

Eyeshadow: Ni.Ju – Kumi – Rainbow

Freckles: Zombie Suicide – Rainbow Freckles [Green][New]

Makeup: Appliers ‘R’ Us – Vera Unmasking v.1 [Free][Body Art II]

Tongue: RC Cluster – Twisted Tongues

Pills: Titzuki – Sweet Pills

Necklace: Pekka – Space Alien Necklace – Rainbow

Nipple Ring: Zombie Suicide – Lee Nipple Piercing [New]

Cuffs: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations – Tsubasa – Shadow Pack [Mod to fit wrists]

Nailpolish: Dark Passions – Sperm-tastic [New][Body Art II]

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