Gone Batty

Catching up on some blogging here! Sorry guise, I’m not very good at telling everyone I have went MIA due to in real health issues. Kowai Pon-Pon ended and here I’m rockin’ a new bat mod from Doki. Kowai/Kawaii Pon-Pon has revamped their name to Pon-Pon and their doors open again on June 1st! So be on the lookout for that as well.


Hair: Doe – Spaceballs (Two-Tone) – Gingers [New]

Glasses: Melonopolis – Spooky Lens

Dress: Nyan – Lil Bat – White Black [Kemono] [New][@ Kowai Pon-Pon]

Sandals: Fujiwara’s World – Flilflop

Mods: Doki – Bat [New][@ Kowai Pon-Pon]

Pet 1: Schadenfreude – Flying Flittermouse [Rare]

Pet 2: Schadenfreude – Bones Curled Flittermouse

Pet 3: Darkendstare – Sheeplings [Choco Sundae][SoI] [New][@ The Gacha Garden]

Emitter: Epic – Bat Buddies

Side Table: Circa Living – Wicked Nights – Pumpkin Coffin Table – Spooky!

Rug: Circa Living – Wicked Nights – Round Rug – Black Web

Back Coffin: Glitterati – The Coffin

Side Coffin: Adorn.Mint – Dead Mans Bookshelf



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