Mythical Faun

What more can be said to this mythical beast.

Mythical Faun

Hair: Moon – Unreflected

Skin: Gauze – Chronicle – Goblin – Moss

Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum – Dryad Eyes – RFL – L.E. Jipsen Tree [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Outfit: Devious Mind – Layali – Lilac w/ Bronze Chains [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Hooves: Gauze & Trap – Faun Legs – Long Hair [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Horns: Trap – Xeno Lightening [@ Fantasy Faire]

Spots: Even~Tide – Spotted Full

Makeup: Oh!Liv – Fawn Face-makeup

Lipstick: Glamorize – Faded Love Lips

Scenery Area: Simply Shelby – Summer Ruins [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

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