A Nurses Duty

When you come into our Doctor’s Office you must see me first. I have to give you an through exam. I place you in the examination room tell you to strip, which I ogle you from across the room.  As I tell you to get settled in the chair, I shall be back to take more information I’m in the next room having a little fun of my own. I gave myself a very deep exam of my own involving a bit of vibration and fantasy.




Once I finish up teasing myself, I head on back into your examination room. Face a little flush and small pants are heard from me with a big bright smile on my chubby face. I ask you to open your legs so I can get a closer look and the examination begins. It starts off with gentle massaging of your clitoris and it ends up with tongue doing it and fingers prodding inside you deeply.  People that come to this office ends up feeling extra happy and free of all the worries for that day.



Hair: Doe – Vacation -Neons (Two-Toned) [New][@ Epiphany]

Skin: Lumae – Eirtae – T7 – Nutmeg // Bare

Eyes: Arise – Love Eyes – Blue & Cyan



Clothes: Insanya – Cosplay – Nurse



Collar: Zombie Suicide – Into the Darkness Collar [New][@ The Dark Side Fair]

Nipple Rings: Zombie Suicide – Starry Nipple Piercings [New][@ 50 Shades of Lust]

Stethoscope: B.C.C. – LoveHoney Nurse Stethoscope White

Face Piercing: HoD – Breandan Piercings

Face Tattoo: Bolson – Fang Face Tattoo

Tattoo: Pimp my shit – Yum Yum Tattoo

Rings: Ama – Emily Ring Set – Silver

Nailpolish: Dark Passions – What’s your Poison [New][@ The Dark Side Fair]



Doctor Set: Culprit – Doctor Set – Pink [New][@ ROMP]

Pleasure Saddle: Roawenwood – Sybian Pleasures Black [Wooden] [New][@ ROMP]

Tray: The Horror – Sweets Kit (Bubblegum) [New][@ ROMP]

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