Sweet Tooth School Girl

It feels soooooooooooooooo good being back in my natural state! Being in hyooman aka beastly form for so long drives me bonkers. I’ve been hyooman for so long I was getting stir crazy. I don’t actually have an idea on a name for my little kemono here. I can’t even say it’s an extension of Syn, it’s more like it’s own person. I have a personality for her and so forth just can’t figure out a name for her! This character is kind of mind boggling to me, because she’s the least difficult character I’ve had/have and yet I still can’t figure out a name for her!  Ugh it’s just confusing!

I have her here taking photos of her in a school uniform with her tablet gear and of course her signature lollipop that her tail is holding. She looks cute and adorable, but lets be honest here she’ a little demon waiting and watching from the shadows. She’s going to give this typical school a try before she goes back to the dark arts.



Hair: Elikatira – Bevin – Readheads

Avatar: Utilizator – Kemono

Eyes: MELONopolis – Total Darkness Eyes //ZOMG// Kemono



Outfit: The Jackalope Ranch – Loli School Days – Navy [New][@ Kawaii Pon-Pon]



Glasses: Lizard Wizard – Nerd Glasses – QFC Exclusive Textures [New][Quest Furry Cover]

Horns: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations – RavRav Horns v1 & v2 – Tenebra & Calm

Necklace: BluPrintz – Xoxo Necklace

Wings: Sweet Thing & Darkendstare – Disgraced Angelic Wings

Tail: Darkendstare – Sugar Candyflox tail

Particles: Cole’s Corner – Love Dusted – Hearts + Sparkles

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