[Curvosity] is in Pose Fair

Oh my, I have amazing news guys! [Curvosity] is in Pose Fair 2016! I’m excited like crazy! I have 2 single pose packs, a gacha, and couple pose! Here’s the ad’s below!

Fallen Poses can be used for some amazing shots! I was inspired by my own self because I have a thing with falling all buildings and loving dream like experiences.

[Curvosity] - Till I Collapse

HodgePodge is a mixture of poses are the ones that I did well but the others in the series wasn’t up to par!

[Curvosity] Cute HodgePodge

Gacha! Inspired by Harley Quinn for the coming movie! Comes with baseball bat! Three rares to get! Rare one is my favorite she’s licking the baseball bat; tehee

[Curvosity] Puddin' Slugga Gacha

Last but not least Homegirl pose! It’s a cute little pose!

[Curvosity] - Homegirls

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