Sybor Warrior

“I will protect you from your visions.”

“To safe you from illusions.”

“I will protect you from ideals.”

“To safe you from defeats.”

Multiverse has extended it’s doors till March 20th! So you have plenty of time to check out the wonderful items from some of you’re favorite brands across the grid!


Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum – Warpath – Series 6 – L.E. Gagantian [New][@ Multiverse]

Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum – Digital Madness Eyes – S.E Heldream  [New][@ Multiverse]

Cybernetic Tattoo: [GW] C02 – Kenraku – Cybernetic Enhancement

Eyeshadow: Virtual Insanity – La Ligne & Post

Lipstick: Glamorize – Glamorous Fade Lips


Outfit: SAKIDE – Cybtech Outfit

Shoes: Anachron – Hover Shoe – Ion


Collar: Zombie Suicide – Oritech Posture Collar

Visor: HopScotch – Clinger Visor Pack [New][@ Multiverse]

Heart: Dv8 – Atomic Heart

Arm: Swagga – Mech Arms [New][@ Multiverse]

Particals: Cole’s Corner – Smoking Comet Hand Trails


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