Syn here is waiting for something after she just moved into her new apartment which she is still going through her items and knick knacks , but overall she is happy! The snow is coming down and she’s all looking out the window in her lingerie as if she is waiting for someone. Maybe, it might be her crush coming, maybe not who knows, but she’s all dressed up and ready to play before she goes out I guess.


Hair: Analog Dog – Val

Avatar: Dark Spot Designs – Rabbit – Black Tan



Lingerie: Luxuria – Ophelia  Lingerie – Midnight Blue [New][20Twenty SL]



Collar: Insanya – Gacha Collar – 11

Cuffs: Insanya – Wrists and Ankles

Piercing: Zombie Suicide – Rean Chest Piercing

Piercing 2: Cute Poison – Quixotic Piercing

Piercing 3: Cute Poison – Reticent Piercing

Belly Piercing: Pomposity – Kawaii Belly Piercing

Dermals: HoD – Trust Round Hip Dermals



Bed: Fetch – Meme’s Bed

Rug: Yasum – Christmas Gift – Country Rug 2

Speaker: Oyasumi – Simple Adjustable Speaker

Art: Cluttered – All you need chalk board

Nightstand and tree: Ravenghost – Dreaming tree Accent table & Dreaming Tree Luminary

Shelf: Yasum – Christmas Gift – Wall Shelf

Chest: Nobel Creations – Trunch Coffer

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