Act up like a prison riot

“I came in this bitch to sweat!”

“I came in this bitch to wild the fuck out!”

“I came in this bitch to turn up!”

“Shit, me and my bitches in here fucked up!”

“Aint no tellin’ what we’re gonna do when the bass drop!”

Fuck it!


I came in here to wild out!

Here is yet another “Dark Christmas” photo! I was listening to Flosstradamus’ Prison riot featuring Lil Jon when I was like hmm! I really like this song and then I had in my mind like…this is something that I can go ham to especially when the bass drops! I’m like telling my friends and Helena like I have the best idea for a photo shoot! Then I had got early access to Winter Gacha Festival and I played Katat0nik’s machine and got the one I wanted on first pull so I was like YES, YES, YES it’s all coming together! Then I made the poses of Syn throwing the ornament and kicking the tree over

I felt so bad to do that to Circa Living’ tree. I was like Cher is gonna hate me if I do this to her tree, but she loved it! Then I was like WHAT ELSE can I do to just say I dislike this holiday?! GOTH1C0 had this shirt I picked up a while back for a hunt item. Ya it’s a guy’s shirt, but hey I don’t mind! BAM! I have Syn kicking the tree and throwing ornament over.

If you want these two poses I will be uploading them for free gifts soon on marketplace in a few days, but if you can’t wait please drop Synful Ghost an IM and/or notecard with your name and bam.

Also in the first picture honesty does it look like she’s throwing the ornament?? Lemme know!



Mesh Hands: Slink – Relaxed

Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara

Mesh Feet: Slink – Flat



Top: Goth1c0 – Sad Face Tee [Men’s top][Wearing size Large]

Jeans: Insanya – Classic Pants – Black


Mask: Katat0nik – Red Krampus – Intruder Mask [New][@ The Winter Gacha Festival ]


Lights: Jian – Taradha Lights (Winter Gift x3)[Free] [@ Wayward Market]

Christmas Poster: [Brixley] – Christmas quote poster [Free] [@ Wayward Event]

Art Frame: Circa Living – “Happy Holidays” Art Frame – Jingle all the way [New][@ Circa Living advent]

Tree: Circa Living – “Nights Eve” Cutout Christmas Tree – Plaids [New][@ The Neighborhood]

Chair: Circa Living – “Nights Eve” Classic Velvet Chair – Red [New][@ The Neighborhood]

Rug: Circa Living –  “Tis the season” Area Rug – Holly Green [@ Circa Living Advent]

Ottoman: Circa Living – “Nights Eve” Velvet stool [New][@ The Neighborhood]

Santa Poster: Circa Living – “Yuletide Classic” Wall Hanging – Classic Santa FB [@ Circa Living Advent]

Wreath: Unkindness – Yarn Puff Holiday Wreath [@ Wayward Event]

Art Frame 2: Circa Living – “Happy Holidays” Art Frame – Baby It’s Cold outside [New][@ Circa Living Advent]

Poses: [Curvosity] – Coming soon

Ornament: Wayward Staff Ornament [Free][@ Wayward Market]

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