Spooky Cutie

Halloween may be over for most, but for some it’s all the time! There’s a lot of Halloween events that’s still going till November till early November. So I’m getting some Halloween looks in before I’m like meh and go back to my regular ol’ looks which can still be used for Halloween. DON’T JUDGE ME.



Hair: Magika – Little [02]



Kimono – [ Bubble ] – Pastel Goth Kimono [New][@ Pastel Goth Fair; Ended]

Leggings: Goth1c0 – Unicorn Leggings – Galaxy [New][@ Pastel Goth Fair; Ended]

Boots: DillyDolls – Lusha Sk8s – 20T Batty [New][20Twenty SL]



Collar: Neverwish – Mystik Collar – Silver [New][20Twenty SL]

Necklace: The Little Bat – Haunted Necklace – Purple [New][Free; Carver’s End]

Nail Polish: Dark Passion – Spell Casting [New][@ The Nightmare Event; Ended]

Ring: Zombie Suicide – Vix Hybrid Rings [New][@ The Pastel Goth Fair; Ended]

Doll: Insanya – Voodoo Doll – 10 Rare [New]



Dresser: by Chana Oh – Monster Cabinet [Free or 50L; Hocus Pocus hunt]

Pumpkins: Artisan Fantasy – Carved Pumpkins Stacked 2 [Free; The Fantasy Collective]

Curtains: Distorted Dreams – Spider Light Curtain [The Nightmare Event; Ended]

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