Cheap Costume

20Twenty is a new monthly event dedicated to in-store shopping.  It opens up on the 20th of each month and will run for 20 days. Not only that awesome part, but an feature exclusive item marked 20% off. Items will be only exclusive for the duration o the event. After the round is over designers will be able to place the set in their store at full price. Also, a good thing 20Twenty is not themed, so each round will feature something different all the time. So it’s something for any and everyone to take a peek at.


Hair: Doe – Wednesday – Reds [New][@ Kawaii Project]

Skin: Zoul Creations – Lily sk6 – 03



Outfit: Paper Moon – Eek, a bat (Extra Spooky) – Hoodie Female [New][20Twenty Event]

Leggings: Paper Moon – Eek, a bat (Extra Spooy) – Leggings Female[New][20Twenty Event]

Boots: Goth1c0 – Heavy Duty Boots



Pet: Sweet Thing & Darkendstare – Corgi Costume Party – Hotdog [Rare][New][@ Tag Gacha]

Nails: Dark Passion – Bat Night [New][@ Truth about Bats & Avies Event]

Choker – Nox – Oral Fixation – Gold [New][@ Wayward Halloween]

Mask: Ni.Ju – Mutant Arachnid Mask – Skelly [New][@ Kawaii Project]

Bracelets: Rebellion – Leather Bracelets [Group Gift]

Rings: Schadenfredue – Beastly Rings

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