Love Killer

“I’m running through the night with naked feet.”

“The moon shines bright and I can hear your screams.”

“Your hunting me, you want me back.”

“But I will escape and I try to hide.”

“You’re always hurting me and I can’t stand.”

“The ignorance in your eyes.”

“I don’t know, I can’t explain.”

“The pain arise day by day.”


Hair: Doe – Gretchen [Neons][New][@ The seasons story]

Eyes: Melonopolis – Cyber Lus Eyes //ZOMG//Kemono

Body: Utilizator – Kemono

Ears: Candy Mountain – Micks * Pointed Chubby Ears

Mod: Pixel Junk – Black Bat

Implants: BB/MM – Kemono Boobies

Tail: Darkendstare – Sugar Candyfloss tail [Naturals]


Outfit: [ Bubble ] – Horror Night Undies [XS]


Pet: D-lab – df2-10-Baby 05

Glasses: Melonopolis – Spooky Lens [New][@ Cure-Con 2015]

Choker: Darkendstare – Eyeball Choker [New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Plushie: Darkendstare – Eyeball Plush [Green][New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Wings: Zombie Suicide – Bat Wings Black

Cuffs: Etham – Leather Cuff Bracelet

Piercings: Ni.Ju – Var1cose Piercing only for Kemono/M3/Tsu – Mintberry Assorment [Group gift][Unsure it’s still ou tor not.]


Window: [Circa Living] – Twilight Zone 4th Dimension Window v1 [New]

Chairs and Television: [Circa Living] – Twilight Zone Floating Chair &  Standby TV [New]

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