Bird Cage

“The soul has illusions as the bird has wings: it is supported by them.” — Victor Hugo

Promo: Reaching for you

Helpless Bird

Captured Bird

Flightless Bird

Caged Bird


Hair: Ploom – Kiera

Skin: Lumae – Niska – 6 – Cinnamon // Plum Delight

Eyes:  Dead Apples – Shattered – Blind


Wings w/ Piercings: Goth1co – Pierced Wings [New]

Mask: Zombie Suicide –  Horned Mask – Scales [New]

Collar set: Glitter Trash – Spellbound Collar/Cuffs [New][Exclusive Collar for Hunt][Hunt is over]

Nipple Rings: ieQED – Count Nippula

Chastity: Ama – Lovely Chastity  [New][@ ROMP]

Nail Polish: Dark Passion – Saving Sight – Limited Edition

Tattoo: Urban Street – The Cross Tattoo

Emitter: Cole’s Corner – Night of the Fireflies


Cage: HopScotch – Lovely Birdy [New][Shown in Silver][@ ROMP]

Table: 22769~ [bauwerk] – Hexagon Table

Sofas: 22769~ [bauwerk] – Snake Sofa Outer Ring/Inner Ring

Lamps: Noctis – Tasseled Standard Lamp Purple

Tray: Plethora – Kink Tray for her

Table: Vaude – Funeral Parlor Side table

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