Under the sea

The Enchantment Event lets say…was quite interesting. Mermaids and Under the sea type creatures are not my thing. So I had the help of my good friend Helena the owner of The Stringer Mausoleum to help me and give me some pointers. Well pointers I mean clothing, and where to take pictures and so forth. Back to the Enchantment Event, it was interesting nonetheless, I only bought one item and I was out of there. I did do the hunt which was a pain in the ass sense there was technically no list, but a good person in the Enchantment group gave me the list.  I’m pretty sure this will be my last Mermaid post, because I honestly will probably be reusing most of these items again.


Anyways below are my pictures I took and well it’s a bit photo heavy so enjoy.




Merjelly - Enchantment Blog Teaser



Hair: Ploom – Moxie – Candy

Eyes: Clemmm – Unwanted Shown in Allen & Water [New][@ Enchantment]

Skin: Lumae – Adore – Ilanthe //Ursula [New][@ Enchantment]



Top: Cerberus Xing & Contraption – Clam yo tits [New][Free; Enchantment Hunt]

Tail: [D]oki – Jelly Mer – Jelly Mer Squibb – Black/Green w Rainbow Sherbett Tendrills. [New][@ Enchantment]



Crown: Astralia – Coral Reef headpiece – Pink/Silver [New][Free; Enchantment Hunt]

Ear Rings: Zombie Suicide – Tentacle Earrings

Necklace: Zombie Suicide – Tentacle Necklace

Piercing: Gaeline Creations – Jewels Celeste Piercing [New][Free; Enchantment Hunt]

Arm band/Bracelet: Zibska – Takara [MODDED; I duplicated the wrist to make a arm band ]

Bracelet: Half-Deer – Mermaid’s Majesty – Sea Glass

Rings: Zombie Suicide – Tentacle Wrapped Ring

Teeth: Shine – Prim Teeth Horror/Ripper

Fish: Silent Sparrow – Magic! Betta Fish

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