Backyard BBQ & Pool Party

I didn’t get a chance to go swimming this summer or do a BBQ and I was quite upset about it. More so over the swimmin’ than the BBQ. So I decided to throw myself a small BBQ, but I failed to invite the rest of the gang over. Oh nos! Well can’t let it all go to waste I shall be delivering all these leftovers to their houses later!


 Backyard BBQ



Hair: Moon – Isolation

Ears: Glitter Trash – Kitteh Ears – Plushie [New]

Avatar: Utilizator – Kemono



Swimsuit: ~Songbird~ – Kracken Swinsuit – Bubble [New]



Sunglasses: Insanya – Punkstar Sunglasses

Gum: Muschi – Gum [Free; Marketplace]

Necklace: Lost Junction – Snacky Style – Peas & Carrots Necklace

Necklace: Squishy Berri – Kawaii Ichigo Necklace [Free][Marketplace]

Bracelet: DarkendStare & Sweet Thing – Gummy Bracelet

Rings: Zombie Suicide – Fruit Bears Tri Ring

Wings: MELONopolis – Batafurai Wings // O3 // Gunmetal [New]


Circa Living 

  • Beach Tropic – Miami Palms – Motif Decor Gift (Se) [New]
  • BackYard Party – BBQ – Full Set [New]
  • On the Boardwalk – Beach Dounuts [New]
  • Beach Tropic – Sun Lotion & Magazine

Pool: D-Lab + Andika – Pool B [Comes with Pose props]

Shack: Tutti Frutti – Beach Hut – Pink [Free; Marketplace]

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