Voodoo,voodoo, voodoo, voodoo….

Okay so like, I know I’ve been slacking in the blogging process. Ya know, I’m human can you blame me? I’ve been having a wee bit of computer troubles whenever I take a picture on Second Life so it’s been kind of difficult. I’ve been experimenting with my ways on taking photos and how I do things. I think overall over the last years since I started to blog, I’ve improved. Anyways, Doe which is I’m unsure if Hely of Ploom is re-branding to Doe or if it’s an off brand, but Doe has new colors in the bundle called NEON and let’s be real; it’s neon. You can pick that up at We <3 Roleplay this month.


Inspiration for my outfit well, Goth1c0 dropped this amazing outfit in my box couple of days ago and first thing that popped in my head was witch. You can get this outfit in two different colors, purple and pink. Location on where these two items are at, We <3 Roleplay.   Well there’s hunt going on called the Witchy Hour and it’s pretty decent. I did the hunt out of boredom and well Dark Passions and The Little Bat was on it so that’s why I did it as well.

Voodoo, voodoo, VOODOO!


Hair: Doe – Mota [New][@ We <3 Roleplay]

Eyes: Gauze –  Paradox Cat Eyes [New][@ We <3 Roleplay]

Skin: Lumae – Adore- 8- Sable//Nightshade [New][Still out for Lazy Sunday, 75L]



Outfit: Goth1c0 – Nocturnal Masquerade Pink [New][@ We <3 Roleplay]



Eyepatch: Zombie Suicide – Sanu Eye patch [New]

Piercing 1: Cute Poison – Anathema Piercing

Piercing 2: Cute Poison – Star Crossed Piercing

Dimples: Punch – Dimple Piercing Set

Chest piercing: HoD – TV 8 Piercing

Necklace: Zombie Suicide – Skully Choker

Necklace 2: The Plastik – Craftian Jewelry – Witch

Bracelets: Zombie Suicide – Skully Bracelet

Bracelets 2: The Little Bat– Witchy Hand Chains [New][1l, The Witchy Hour Hunt]

Nail Polish – Dark Passion – Pentacle Passion [New][1L, The Witchy Hour Hunt]


Candelabra: Ravenghost – Scrolled Candelabra

Corpse:  ContraptioN -Props Wrapped Corpse

Skulls: Aisling – Skulls Souvenirs

Coffins: Backwoods Mafia – Open & Closed Coffin

Alchemy Props: Ravenghost – Alchemy Lectern & Spell Book [Part of Alchemy Set]

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