Flitter Flatter

I’ve been very quiet over the last couple of days. Kind of chilled in fact, waiting for my next major event to start in a couple of days so in-between Of the waiting and their blog posts I’m going to pick up the slack I’ve been doing.  I honestly missed running around in a tail and big fuzzy ears so I’ve been trying to throw outfits together for my Kemono Persona. I’m not very picky when it comes to certain things because of how their built. If it fits, it fits type of deal.  Well I found two nice mods that I’m missing round with, but she’s a hybrid bat, demon thing.  The elements I was going for was a type of Monster High cartoony vibe.  Anyways on with the stats!


 Escape Root

Crossover 2




Hair: Ploom – Bron

Avatar: Utilizator – Kemono

Eyes: Songbird – Liquid Eyes [New][Kemono Eye Applier only]


Dress: Sn@tch – Marlowe Jersey Dress [XSmall][Shown in Pink]

Boots: Goth1c0 – Little Cementery Boots [NEW][@ Dark Style Fair 2015]


Horn 1: C.C. Kre-ations – RavRav Horns – V1 & V2 – Candor & Tenebra – Black

Horn 2: The Plastik – Light Horns – Sprinkles Edition

Cuff Set: Fujiwara’s World – Heart Bands [Shown in White]

Pets: The Horror – iBat – Lunar & Pixie [New][@ One Word]

Wings: Sweet Thing & Darkend Stare [Disgraced Angelic Wings][Tag Gacha][NOTE: If anyone has the Disgraced Demon Wings Black, please IM Synful Ghost]

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