I smell black magics

The title is a little pun from Vayne from League of Legends, cause I was laning with her so much.  Anyways This shall be my last post for Fantasy Faire 2015. The Fantasy Faire 2015 opened up new doors to me for designers and blogging themes. Why I love the event so much. That isn’t the main reason, but it’s a cause to help and hear about why others relay.

I meant to post all this yesterday, but I was on and off dealing with my texture glitches on Secondlife and got fed up and well lets just say I raged quit.  The pictures below are the ONLY ones during the set that actually came out nice, but noticeable mistakes. Like half rezzing so In advance I apologize but I wasn’t going to fight my computer anymore.   The creature I had in mind was tentacle, but I realized the item said Thorn; lol. So she’s like some throny tentacle creature that is involved with Black Magic.  The Fantasy Faire 2015 may be over, but you can still get the items at the main store.

Haunting Look

Bare Back

Looking Up

Backwards Look


Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum – Demonico Eyes [New][Shown in Ahriman & Wearable Tester][@ Totally Top Shelf]

Skin: Lumae – Adore – Epona – Oracle [New]

Mesh Mouth: Soul – Kissers – Cupid’s Pout – Vampire

Ears: Trap & Ni.Ju – Short Gelf Ears Pierced

Thorns: Cubic Cherry Kre-ation – Thorns – Blood tails [New]


Gown: The Plastik – Hera Gown /// Grape [New] [Comes with Necklace]

Helm: Ana & Trap – Nova Helm Splatter Paint [New]

Arms: Trap – Spiral Demon Arms 1.0 [New]


Lamp: The Dark Fae – That’s a mouthful Lamp [New]

Bench: The Muses – Storage with cushioned bench [New]

Table: The Muses – Work Table – Spirits [New]

Misc: Sweet Revolutions – Flying Music Souls – Gold [New]

Books: Sweet Revolutions – Flying Book Moth [Shown in Runes, Magic, Evil Shadows]

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