Alchemist adventure

Nargol Gra’Yarzol was the name I gave my halfling Orc. I don’t know much hell let me rephrase that. I dont’ know ANY Orc lore other than that there like bad and mean and tough.  My good friend Nimil of Songbird sent me a few links to give me a rundown so I combinded like several different lores along with WoW, D&D and so forth. Just a small run down, her father was a Chieftain of a proud war clan. Instead of her father drowning her he sent her away to live with her mother.

Trail and error she didn’t feel happy living among the humans due to her being a halfling she was sent to her father at a ripe age, then he had too much pride and turned her away. Along her journey of self discovery she meet a human male. Much talk was passed between the two till she just followed him to a sanctuary for the unwanted. More like a school where she too learned the ways of becoming an alchemist along with her human male companion.

Please visit Lola’s blog post for more in-depth details!

Nargol Gra'Yarzol [Character creation]

Alchemist Adventures


Hair: Adoness – Alcippe – Intergrity

Eyes: Songbird – Dark Fae Eyes [New][Out at Mainstore]

Skin: Lumae – Jewel – Epona [New][@ Fantasy Faire 2015]

Mouth: :Soul: – Kissers – Cupid’s Pout – Orc [@ Fantasy Faire 2015]


Entire Outfit: Gauze – The Alchemist – Female [NEW][@ Fantasy Faire 2015] [ Included in pack: Belt, Boots, Mini Top, Pants, Pauldrons and Top]


Ears: []Trap[] & Ni.Ju – Short Gelf Ears [@ Fantasy Faire 2015]

Piercing: Random Matter – Harvester v2

Piercing 2: HoD – Banrion Faolchu [modded]

Pose: Black Tulip – The Magician #2 [New][@ Fantasy Faire 2015]

Be sure to check out my good friend Lola’s blog post for more in-depth on the scenery which is well worth especially if into Fantasy items!


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