Kreature from the deep

Where was my mind at when I took these photos? I was in going for an elegant, creepy sea creature.  Something like a Modern day Ursula. Like if I was to remake her, this is what she would look like on two legs. I wanted to focus on the skin, hair, eyes and mouth. As I stated before I’m kind of the last one to get some of the mesh items. Can you blame me, no. I’m furry like 95% of the time. It would be nice to have some of the items just to have, but it’s not a necessary for me. At the Fantasy Faire I did stumble upon a booth called Soul, and it has a mesh mouth out in several different styles from regular cupid, orc, neko and vampire. I’m not an expert on the mesh mouths, but it’s a nice simple mouth. I think it’s a little small for my face like it needs to be wider, but I can see myself wearing this mouth for something basic.


 Kreature from the Deep

No Sunshine anymore

Formal Kreature


Hair: Tameless Hair – Darla [New] [@ Black Fashion Fair]

Eyes: Clemmm – 16mm Eyes /// Dual Heterochromina [New][Rare, Tag Gacha][Finally got these darn things!]

Ears: Eclectica – Gargoyle Ears – Fleshtones [New][@ Fantasy Faire 2015] [Side note: These ears were a bit difficult to tint. Even reading the instructions and fiddling around the tint wasn’t anywhere near the color it was a tad darker]

Skin: Lumae – Adore – Theia [New][@ Fantasy Faire 2015]

Mouth: Soul – Kissers – Cupid’s Pout – Chompers [New][@ Fantasy Faire 2015]



Corset: The Plastik – Kaelys Corset – Collarless – Dora [Part of an outfit]

Skirt: The Plastik – Rylithea Skirt – Morbid [New][@ Fantasy Faire 2015]

Shoes: Shey – Magnolian Stilettos



Horn 1: Static – Reef Dragon Horns – Tidal Horns

Horn 2: Zombie Suicide – Tentacle Horns [New]

Necklace: Zombie Suicide – Tentacle Necklace

Nails: Zombie Suicide – Zandra Tipped Claws



Set: Circa – Jaqua Set [New][@ Color Me Project]


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