Bad Trap Girl

So I think I’m coming out of my blogger funk. With so many events coming out at a time it’s like ALL THE THINGS, but no. Not all the things somethings are like Why.  I’m featuring some new releases from brands that I love Sn@tch, Zombie Suicide, Goth1c0, La Malvada Mujer and Mute.  Regular store releases, event item and freebie from a hunt. Which is worth.  I’m pretty sure everyone has seen the platform boots that are all over the place. I managed to scoop up a pair for only 10L, YES, 10L from Mute. So ladies if you don’t have 125L or 175L to spare then Mute is your place 10L for basic colors to patterns.

The outfit I put together was me just messing around with the energy of the music I was listening too. When I was putting the outfit together I was looking at Collab 88 and the pretty in punk was there and I was like hey, going to do my own version with only one item from there and the rest else where.

And before I get on with the credits just want to say La Malvada Mujer must of heard my plea, because two days ago she updated all her old tattoos and new ones putting them on Omega Appliers. I was SO excited, it was glorious. Now my next plea would be for slink hand appliers. I hadn’t worn tattoo layers on my body since I got the Matireya Body but I’m pretty sure if I remember correctly that a few of the tattoos extended on the hands… I’ll have to double check, but not going to push just excited about the Omega Appliers I can wear the tattoos of her again.


Bad Trap Girl


Hair: Tameless Hair – Michelle [New]

Body: Matireya – Lara

Hands: Slink – Casual Hands


Jacket: SAKIDE – Denim Loose Jacket – Black

Top: Zombie Suicide – Pow Top [New][@ 100 Block]

Pants: Sn@tch – Debbie Ripped Rocker Pants [New]

Boots: Mute – Chaos Boots – Black [New]


Headband: Goth1c0 – Kawaii Geek Headpiece [New][1L, Cherry Cake Hunt item]

Glasses: Tabou Irresistible – Round Glasses – Delicious lips [New][1L, Cherry Cake Hunt item]

Collar: Remarkable Oblivion – Helvetica – Collar with Earrings [New][Collar is only shown] [Collab 88]

Tattoo:  La Malvada Mujer – Guardian Tattoo [With OMEGA appliers]

Bag: Pixicat – Lipbag nr1 – Witch

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