Borden Ax

I’ve been kind of low key after Skin Fair. Events like that tends to do things like that to me and well, okay I lied. I placed everything on the event, but reality I have a lot weighed on my shoulders. Blogging for me is an outlet that I can get away from reality and play dress up. Ya, I’ve been plurking a lot of late and less SL. It  happens. I’m drifting away, but I’m here. I’m human and ya we tend to slip sometimes. Frankly, sometimes I just don’t have the desire to blog the items given. Not that it fits the my style just that…I’ve gone Plaid, haha, ( if you didn’t get that then you need to watch the movie).  My mind is really mellowed and so I’m responding to it personally.   I did a quick picture of some items from The Horror, SongBird and Lumae.


Sometime this week maybe later on tonight when I can’t sleep I’ll do the skin preview to show you the before and aftermath.  Photo may not be my best work, but it was fun to dress up in all the blood.

In my mind when I saw the items I had before I was thinking Zombie, Leatherface, Devil’s Reject or something. Didn’t want to be a zombie, I’m sorry personally I think Zombies are overrated, so I thought that whenever she goes hunting she’ll use the injection on her arm and it would make her all zonked out. Like she turns inhuman to get mutant powers so to say.  I hope this really jogs my creative skills, but there you have it.

Borden Ax

Hair: Truth – Neria [Reds]

Eyes: Songbird – Eye Infection [New]

Skin: Lumae – Adore- Cinnamon // Dreamer [New]

Clothes: SongBird – Miss Firefly

Axes: The Horror – Ax Love [New][Gacha][Shown in Black Bloody Bow and Gunmetal Bloody][@ 30L Anniversary Fair- Love & War]

Hand Tattoo: SongBird– Sympotomatic

Accessories: Death Row Design – Zombie Apoc – Anti Virus Strap and Survival Legstrap [Gacha]


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