Bubblegum Sybor

” I’ve got a fetish for pink and cute and PVC.”

“Cause lookin’ normal’s just not for me.”

“And Hello Kitty and all her friends.”

“Have got my heart until the end.”

“And bows and cupcakes, kawaii.”

“Are always goin’ to be a part of me.”

“And Sky high sneakers and ice pink hair.”

” F what you think cause I’m so there!”

Bubblegum Sybor

My look was inspired by another fellow blogger that I follow on Flickr. I loved her outfit so much I recreated it to fight more of a pastel goth flair. ^-^!

Skin Fair preview number 3 featuring Elysium and La Malvada  Mujer. I’m not much of a skin buff as I mentioned several times over, but I’ll mention it once more for good measures.  I’ve NEVER heard of this brand before and was really impressed with their darker skins.  I think the skin tone is called Dark Tan.  But overall it’s pretty close to my tone IRL, give or take.

I’ll be displaying this skin featuring their makeup and La Malvada Mujer’s make up’s that she has as well.  La Malvada Mujer also has a lip gloss set out for rather cheap and it’s worth the snag, I used one lip gloss previous in a blog and I’ll post the rest. Also look for the new skin she has called Anne,  NOW, this is what I don’t really like and I’ll send a NC to the designer to see in the feature if she can include Omega appliers. La Malvada Mujer basically makes everything for The Mesh Project. But her makeups come in TATTOO layers, but her skin applier is only in The Mesh Project Applier ONLY. She has a featured new tattoo there as well, but yet again it’s applier is for The Mesh Project.  So ladies if you don’t have The Mesh Project body you’re SOL. Moving Along!

Hair: Ploom – Sharla [New][@ Kawaii Project]

Skin: Elysium – Anja Skin – Deep Tan [New][@ Skin Fair 2015]

Eyes: Buzzari – Voodoo Eyes [Shown in Forrest & Sire]

Glasses: Dazed – Flabby Glasses [New][Shown in Raven][@ Whore Couture Fair 2015]

Collar: Insanya – Gacha Collar – 4 [New][@ Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair]

Necklace: Cute Poison – Spooky Necklace [Shown in Purple]

Cigarette Holder – Zoom – Cafetin Cigar Holder [New][@ Whore Couture Fair 2015]

Bracelet 1: The Plastik – Bonedaddy Bracelet / Multi / Silver – Black Gem [New][@ Secret Affair]

Bracelet 2: Insanya – Gacha Bracelets – 14 [New][@ Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair]

Dress: Bubble – Pastel Goth Bow Dress [New][@ Suicide Dollz]

Stockings: Forever Young – Toeless Sheer Stockings [Darks]

Sandals: May’s Soul – Rieshy Sandals [New][Shown in Lila][@

Nail polish: Dark Passions – My Bats are melting [New][Rare][@ Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair]

Tattoo: Suicide Gurls -Dagon Tattoo [Previous Group Gift]

Makeup: La Malvada Mujer – Anna Beauty Marks, Anna Eyeshadow N2, and Anna Lipstick N1 [New][@ Skin Fair 2015]

Garter: The Creatures – Garter Heart Pack

Prop: Bubble – Random Lunch Box – ALL [Rare][New]@  Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair]

Elysium: Anja Skin – Freckled/Red Brow, Plain/Red Brow

Skin Fair: Elysium Anja Skin Makeups

Elysium: Anja Skin with – Anja Lips – Pink Glossy, Ocean Blue, Strong Pink Glossy, Coral, and Plumroom Glossy [Just a few of the lipsticks that I liked]

Skin Fair: Elysium Anja Skin

[All La Malvada Mujer’s makeups are separate! I’m showing them together to save time.]

Elysium: Anja Skin with La Malvada Mujer – Anna – Eyebrows/Red, Eyeshadow N1, LipstickN1// Anna – Beauty Marks, Eyebrows/ Lavender, Lipstick N2 // Anna – Eyebrows/ Acid Sun, Eyeshadow N3, Lipstick N3 // Anna – Eyebrows/ Black, Eyeshadow N4, Lipstick N4// Anna – Eyebrows/ Blonde, Lipstick N5// Anna- Eyebrows/ Violet

Welp, there you have it third Skin Fair Review so far! Stay tuned!

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