Terror made me cruel

The Twisted Hunt started two days ago on the 5th and a few designers I love and watched are participating in it. I’ve hadn’t done the Twisted Hunt fully in years since it kind of grew and with so many decoys, I just don’t have time and it’s nerve wracking if you don’t have an up to date computer and it’s just not fun lol Sorry, my opinion.  Anyways, I managed to snag a few things from Sn@tch, SongBird, Rook Poses and Hanua. Enjoy.


Terror made me cruel...


Hair: Ploom – Bron [New][@ We <3 Role-Play]

Eyes: SongBird – Ecto Possession [New][Twisted Hunt, Free]

Skin: Gauze – Chronicle – Female- Natural [New][Shown in Cocoa]


Outfit: Hanau – Spectre [New][Twisted Hunt, Free]


Makeup: Sn@tch – Twisted Unearthly Makeup & Eyes [New][Twisted Hunt, Free]

Piercing: DirtyStories – Heart Nose Piercing

Mouth fog:  SongBird – Ecto Possession [Comes with the eyes][Twisted Hunt, Free]

Forehead Tattoo: Hanau – Spectre Facial Tattoo [Comes in the outfit]

Collar: Hanau – Spectre Collar [Comes in the outfit]

Armchain: Hanau – Spectre Spooky Armchains [Comes in the outfit]

Horns: Static – Reef Dragon Tropic Horn [New][@ The Furry Fest]


Pose: {Rook} – Dragged into the other [New][Twisted Hunt, Free]

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