Do you furry…?

I have a new release for you guys out there as well as a freebie! There’s a new event for fur lovers alike or those that are curious to being furries!  In the picture I’m wearing a new corset from SugarFluff as well as the horns that I’m wearing which is a hunt item!  Back to the event, The Furry Fest, is running all month long, sponsors for the event will have their items displayed for the entire month and each designer will have an exclusive item that will be available during the event!  Remember the items will be discounted for the duration of the event so check it out, don’t forget this is JUST THE FIRST ROUND. 


Do you furry...?


Hair: Magika – Tendency

Avatar: Dark Spots Designs – Lapine in Black and down [Yes, they’re in this event as well!]


Corset: SugarFluff – Year of the Sheep [New][Shown in Candy][Comes with Lola, Omega Applier including Panties]

Skirt: Insanya – MicroSkirt

Boots: SAKIDE – Capricious Boots [Shown in Black]


Collar: Insanya – Oshun Collar

Necklace: Static – Bio Aggregate [New][Previous Futurewave Item][Yes, Static is apart of the event!]

Horns: SugarFluff – Year of the Gilded Ram Horns [Shown in Gold][ Quest Fur Cover Hunt, Free]

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