Arcade Tanzen

I honestly couldn’t think of a small short story to go along with this, but hell. I’m going to describe the elements that I was trying to go for and I think I succeed big time. I was listening to a lot of different songs while I was editing these photos. The first song I listened to was Pong by Eisenfunk and then it took off from there.

My character I wanted her to be from a different species  she’s like a Cyber Fallen Angel warrior. I wanted an gamey type feel to it. Something you wouldn’t picture omg it’s futuristic! She has the little pet on her hand that attached. She has her laser gun, a skimpy outfit with thigh high boots.  Just let your imagination soar and let you figure out the story!


Arcade Tanzen

Game Over...


Hair: Tameless Hair – Sloan [New]

Skin: Lumae – Beth – Cookie//Bare

Eyes: Pin Me Down – Mecha 02 [New][Futurewave, event ended]

Makeup: Beautiful Freak – Circuit Makeover – Killer Android [New][Futurewave, event ended]


Outfit: SAKIDE – Leyana Dress [Shown in Black][New][Futurewave, event ended]

Boots: Zibska – Tora [New][Futurewave, event ended]


Wings: Death Row Designs – Devine Wings – Fluo Veins

Headgear: Death Row Designs – Cybermaks [Shown in Toxic]

Nose Guard: TfAtN – Selective Membrane Filter – Cannula [New]

Pet: Unrepentant – The Deep – Argent

Gun: Silentsparrow & Schadenfreude – Raygun

Bracelet: Static – Cog Cuff [New][Futurewave, event ended]

Nails: Beautiful Freak – Plasma Manicure [New][ Futurewave, event ended]

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