Finally, He’s home…

I hear the front door knob rattle as it’s being turned. I instantly perk my ears up and they start to twitch. With my hearing I knew it was him, instantly. I can tell how he walks up to the front door. Unfolding myself from my current position I brush my hair away from the mint color collar as I make my way towards the living room just in time to see his large, intimidating frame walk through the door and close it behind him. He stares down at me and I know that I’ve done some sort of wrong. I realize I don’t have the proper greeting attire. Sighing, I lower my head and start to disrobe in front of him.

He wanders off towards his chair and flops down with is long, thick tail flopping along the side. He drums his talons on the arm of the couch. He doesn’t even have to tell me what to do next. Without lifting my head I let my feet guide me to the showcase where inside awaited my precious toy. Opening the door, I step inside, turn about and then getting to my knees to display my glory to him.

Waiting Pleasure

After a little torment inside my dolly display, he finally releases me. Telling his bunny to get into the playroom. He chains me up, then he proceeds to make my agony worse…From Behind

Just when I thought my agony was over; It wasn’t. I can hear him panting and whispering words of passion as well as erotic words of control I lose it. I scream in his ear as he gave me permission to cream on him to coat him as he would do the same to me.  I feel it inside spurting up, marking me within. He tells me what a good girl I was and I murmur with glee…


Hair: Ploom – Twig [Shown in Candy; rare][New][@ The Fantasy Gacha]

Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body

Collar: Lost Junction – Toulouse Collar [Pastels][New][@ ROMP Fresh]

Blindfold: Goth1co – Leather Blindfold

Cuffs: Insanya – Captive Cuff Set


Chair: 22769~[bauwerk] – Decadence Leather Chair [Adult][New][@ ROMP Fresh]

Lamp: 22769~[bauwerk] – Little Glowing Friend [New][@ ROMP Fresh]

Vase: 22769~[bauwerk] – Floor Vase [New][@ ROMP Fresh]

Nightstand: 22769~[bauwerk] – Alligator Skin Nightstand [New][@ ROMP Fresh]

Adult Accessories: 22769~[bauwerk] – Dildo, Black Bowl with Ice [New][@ ROMP Fresh]

Display: HopScotch – Pretty Doll [Brown][New][@ ROMP Fresh]

Bed: Frogstar – Capture Me Bed [Deviant][New][@ ROMP Fresh]

Bondage Contraption: N4RS – Gates of Hell [MF][New][@ ROMP Fresh]

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