Mistress of the Club

Stereo please activate Industrial Playlist.

” Attention, activating Industrial Playlist…”

Her heeled foot taps to the rhythmic beat as it comes on blaring through the speaker flowers on the coffee table. Her body starts to move slightly, in tune with the beat. Arms goes up into her hair then slides down along her curvy, thick body. The drop comes in and she picks up the pace a little bit more. Feeling extremely ballsy she climbs up on the coffee table as soon as the leads voice came through the speakers as if commanding her.

Dance live you’ve never danced before.”

Dance, leave all your doubts behind.”

It was as if the music was some sort of coaxing method for this futuristic fur. Twisting her body in positions to the song, letting herself freely lose control.

Feel, like you’ve never felt before.”

Feel, like a dark Queen of the night.

This voice wrapped around her body in a seductive embrace while his words brushed along her big pierced ears going deep into her canal commanding her

You are the dark Queen of the night.”

And you are dancing in the light.”

You are the Mistress of the Club.”

And you show everything you got.”

Breathing heavily while she moved to the music. His control over her still wrapped snugly against her while she let herself go. He breathed into her ears again leaving her wanting more

Dance, just let yourself go…

Futurewave is upon, the Digital Revolution is here…

Sybor Highlight [RAW]

Sybor Worship

Sybor Flaunt


Hair: Tameless Hair – Raya [New]

Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body


Catsuit: Insanya – Sheer Set – Catsuit II [New][@ Thrift Shop]

Shoes: Miamai – Le Blanc  Pumps – Suspension Black [Slink High Feet] [New][@ Futurewave]


Glasses: BluePrintz – Tech Spaces – Glitch [New][@ Futurewave]

Piercing: Ni.Ju – Carnival Piercing [New][Modded to fit my avatar][@ Creepy Kawaii Fair]

Bracelets: Static – Cog Cuffs [New][@ Futurewave]

Implant: Chaos, Panic & Disorder – Nemesis Chest Implant [New][@ Futurewave]

Hand Tattoo: Moon Amore – Ojos de Cielo Hand Tattoo [New][@ Cosmetics Fair]


Sofa: 22769~[bauwerk] – Snake Sofa Set – White [New][Shown Outer Ring][@ Futurewave]

Table: 22769~[bauwerk] – Hexagon Table Decorated w/ Loudspeaker Flower [New][@ Futurewave]

Tree: 22769~[bauwerk] – USB2 Tree [New][@ Futurewave]

Chair 1: Neverwish – Gear Chair – White/Black [New][@ Futurewave]

Chair 2: Neverwish – Gear Chair – White/White [New][ @Futurewave]

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