Giftly Dark

” You don’t hear me.”

“You don’t see me.”

“You don’t even know I’m alive.”

“So why do you call me?”

Gothmas by Gaslight has started as well as Horrorfest, Finally I can release the Slurls for you guys. Below are items from ~SongBird~, Chop Shop and Zanzibar creationZ. Enjoy

Giftly Dark


Hair: Lcky – Eilfie

Skin: Lumae – Alaska – Tone 6 – Cookie//Deep Cherry [NEW]

Eyes: Chop Shop – The Devil in Disguise [New][Shown in Blue & Green][@ Gothmas by Gaslight]


Dress: ~SongBird~ – The Doll – Horror Special [New][@ Horrorfest]


Tattoo 1: ~SongBird~ – The Doll – Joints and Cracks [New][@ Horrorfest]

Tattoo 2: La Malvada Mujer – Enki Tattoo [New]

Necklace: AlterEgo – Vampy Necklace – Bloody Tips

Nails: Zombie Suicide – Zandra Tipped Claws

Giftboxes: Zanzibar creationZ – Coffin Gift Box Stack [New][Shown in Blue Stripes & Red Snowflakes [@ Gothmas by Gaslight]

SLurls: Gothmas by Gaslight; Cursed, Gothmas by Gaslight; Sium, Horrorfest 

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