Monster Inc.

This post is about the outfit. I had to gigglesnort when I put the outfit on I thought of the monster from Monster Inc. Sullivan. Even though he was more like a teal/green color. Don’t know! But that’s what popped in my head. I thought it was adorable, but this is more Creepy Cutie Carnival items! It’s not too late to pick up these items!


Hair: Ploom – Sugar [New]

Skin: Pink Acid – Mixer Skin 02 Special Edition – Mocha 2 [Past Fri*Friday item]

Eyes: Clemmm – Window Flux Green & ReSnick eyes with Bloodshot Base [add on]



Outfit: Lolapop – Cthulhu Outfit [New][@ Creepy Cutie Carnival]

Stockings: MELONopolis – Ombree Sheer Stockings //Purple [New][@ Creepy Cutie Carnival]

Shoes: Reign – Wednesdays



Horns: MELONopolis – Hybrid Horns [New][@ Creepy Cutie Carnival]

Nose Chains: Arise – Double Nose Chain

Garter – Motivaction – If you dare garter


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