Princess Alchemist

The story I had in mind was that she is a baby Demoness who was shipped off to school. She didn’t fully find her potential to be a demon. Which in this case I made it that the demon’s earn their horns. Being the little brat that she is she went to school to become an Alchemist! She figured if she completed school she will have the potential to become the demoness her Father wants her to be and get her horns.




Hair: Ayashi – Keri Hair [New][@ Creepy Cutie Carnival]

Skin: Lume – Delphine – Tone 6 – Cookie/Minx [New][@ Genre]

Eyes: Clemmm – Poltergeist Eyes

Makeup: Corvus – Insomnia

Veins: Dead Apples – Veins


Outfit: Blue Blood – Killer [Halloween][New][@ Creepy Cutie Carnival]


Collar: DirtyStories – Demo Collar

Necklace: Candy Crunchers – Vampire Necklace [Gacha][@ Creepy Cutie Carnival]

Ears: Trap + Ni.Ju – Short Gelf Ears Pierced

Feet: Gauze – Sleepy Hollow [Free][@ Don’t Panic Event]

Bat: Half-Deer – Hearthugger Bat – Poison [New][@ Tag Gacha Event]

Nailpolish: Ama – Trick or Treat [New][@ Creepy Cutie Carnival]


Alchemy Set: Ravenghost – Alchemy Experience [New][@ Mythic Fantasy Event]

Candelabra – Ravenghost – Scrolled Candelabra [New][@ Mythic Fantasy Event]

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