Candy Corn and Ghostlings

Candy Fair is nearly over, starting tomorrow to be exact. I have just a few more Candy Fair posts to do before I continue on to the Mythic Faire and Creepy Cutie Carnival which I’ll combine sort of if it all fits together! I only got a couple of things from Mythic Faire so it’s possible! The featured image below is only of furniture that I’ve gathered from free to cheaply priced.  Remember that most of the stuff is at Candy Fair or unless stated wise.



Ghost: Sway’s – [Boo!] Ghost [Free][Mesh][New]

Fruit: Sway’s – [Fruit] Cushion – Cherry [Rare], Lemon, Orange [Rare] [New][@Gacha][@ Candy Fair 2014]

Living Room Set: Sway’s – Candy Corn Set [New][Mesh][@ Candy Fair] [10 Land Impact] [Couch, Arm Chair, Table, Rug]

Pouf: Sway’s – [Heart Candy] Pouf – Be True [New][Gacha][Mesh][@ Candy Fair]

Decor 1: Poche – Apple of the forest [Free][@ The Season’s Story]

Decor 2: SOY – Atsukan (Hot Sake) Set [Free][The Season’s Story]

Bunny: Silent Sparrow – Bat Bunny [Cherry][Mesh]

Ghost Lamp: Apple Fall – Sheet Ghost [New][@ Collabor 88]

[Everything shown is only 31 Land Impact, very friendly for those that are short on prims!]

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