I want candeh

Candy Fair 2014 has started! So excited, it was a blast to walk through the two beautiful sims. I admit I am very impressed with the decoration of the sims this year than last year. It was much easier layout to read and maneuver through. If you don’t like candy, there’s plenty of stuff to fulfill your sweet tooth! Here are a few items you can get while visiting there from: Alouette, A.D.D Andel, Plethora, and Organica! The Candy Fair 2014 is only here for two weeks, you have till October 17th to get your sweet fix! Candy Fair Sim 1  or Candy Fair Sim 2 






Hair: Tameless Hair – Beatrix [New]



Corset: [Claimed] – Cotton Candy Corset

Pants: [Cynful] – Skinny Jeans – Neon Red



Necklace: Abhor & Adore – Drippy Necklace – Wicked

Dango: Plethora –  Mochi Dango – Bunny [New][@ Candy Fair 2014]

Plushie: .Birdy. – Cotton Candy Llama – Mint



Counter – Alouette – Candy Jar Counter [New][@ Candy Fair 2014]

Jars: Alouette – Glass Candy Jars  [New][@ Candy Fair 2014]

Aid Kit: Alouette – Candy First Aid Kit [New][@ Candy Fair 2014]

Stool: Alouette – Chevron Chair [New][@ Candy Fair 2014]

Cotton Candy: A.D.D. Andel – Cotton Candy Tray [Purple/Green][New][@ Candy Fair 2014]

Apples: A.D.D. Andel – Apple Tray  [Green][New][@ Candy Fair 2014]

Apples 2: A.D.D. Andel – Apple Tray [Purple][New][@ Candy Fair 2014]

Cotton Candy Machine: [Organica]- Cotton Candy Machine [New][@ Candy Fair 2014]


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