Gotcha, at Point Blank

A Clockwork Spiral is wrapping up soon and at this point I’m going to be workin’ my whittle bunny butt off to produce some hot scenes and outfits! I set up this little scene involving my girl. I hadn’t made a name for her yet so Jane Doe will do for now. The wheelchair in the background is hers. But she is standing, YES, it’s all a ploy! She is a little trickster Jane Doe is. She has two blasters hidden away on her person. She is in control of the Middle Industry ,but she is very touchy when one calls her an invalid and that’s when she stands up. On her arm she has an Octopus type pet attached to her hand for sticky situations. Kind of like its neurological attached to her she communicates with it telepathically.


Point Blank


Hair: KOY – Wash Away [New][@ My Attic]

Skin: Lumae – Alaska – Tone 6 – Cookie//Flirt [New][@ The Cart Sale]

Eyes: Chus – Poppet Lenses


Outfit: Dark Passions – Steamstress – Antique/Black [New][@ A Clockwork Spiral]


Monocle – Souzou Eien – Archivist’s Monocle [New][Gacha][@ A Clockwork Spiral]

Piercings: La Malvada Mujer – Barium Piercings [Black][New]

Collar: House of Rain – Mystery Plane [New][@ Exclusive Item][@ A Clockwork Spiral]

Jewelry Set: AZE Jewelry Designs – Magic Lantern Gem Slides

Nail Polish – Dark Passions – Rivets & Steam [New][@ A Clockwork Spiral]

Pistols: Souzou Eien – Plasma Distorter Pistol [New][@ A Clockwork Spiral]

Hand Piece: Unrepentant – The Deep [Flesh][New][Fitted for Slink Casual Hands/Avatar Hands][@ A Clockwork Spiral]


Wheelchair: by Nacht – Wheelchair [New][Animated][7 Land Impact[@ A Clockwork Spiral]

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