Hipster Animals

I’m back on blogging! I finally got my new modem back and ready to get back into the blogging spirit! I’m mostly wearing new items from Sn@tch, Tameless Hair, The Horror, Death Row Designs, Le Primitif  and Birdy/Alchemy from The Arcade September round 2014! Thanks everyone being so patient and sorry for the random MIA my modem just randomly flatlined on me the other day! Then I had WIFI so it wasn’t bad I just hooked up my wireless adaptor do it but then it just really flatlined! Ha! Anyways, sorry for the scramble lets get back to the show!

hipster animals


Hair: Tameless Hair – Malinda [New]


Outfit: Sn@tch – Bree Prep Uniform [New][Mesh Top & System Pants]


Necklace 1: The Horror – 90’s Choke Me [New][Pink Lemonade]

Necklace 2: Death Row Designs – Geek Mania – Neckwrap [New][@ The Arcade]

Bag: Le Primitif – Gamer Bag [New][Red][Rare][@ The Arcade]

Wrist: Death Row Designs – Geek Mania – Game Device [New][@ The Arcade]

Game: Le Primitif – Primi Gear Handheld [New][Black][Rare][@ The Arcade

Belt: Death Row Designs – Geek Mania – Pouch Belt [New][@ The Arcade]

Leg: Death Row Designs – Geek Mania – Keyboard [New][@ The Arcade]

Companions: Birdy/Alchemy – Frenchy Boy & Frenchie Girl [New][Companions][@ The Arcade]

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