Zenobia’s Outfit Two

Roleplaying as picked up a lot lately for me and I’ve decided to give my girl a much needed break ICly for a little bit this week so I can catch up with blogging and handling some In real life stuff.  Anyways, Zenobia icly just bought the local bar and is slowly transforming it into something lavish to suit her. She has to stand out from her employees so she dresses just as scandalous as always.




Hair: Tameless Hair – Mallory [New]

Skin: Lumae – Delphine – Royal [GG]

Eyes: Gauze – Asgard Eyes [New][Shown in Aegir, Left & Loki, right both hybrid][These eyes animate look like lightening bolts which is interesting!]

Teeth: [whatever] – Teeth 2.0 – Gem Piercing



Dress: The Plastik – Raine Outfit – Cynder Dress [Mix and Match][FLF]

Leggings: Insanya – Lace Leggings – Style 4 – Net

Boots: Gauze & BluPrintz – Swift Boots – Naturals [New]



Glasses: The Sugar Garden – Megane Classic Black

Nose Piercing: Arise – Double Nose Chain

Facial Piercing: HoD

Septum Piercing: Cute Poison

Chest: Cute Poison [all]

Necklace: La Malvada Mujer – Agata [New][Comes with Bow & Earrings]

Tattoo: Insanya – Love Hurts

Cuffs: The Plastik

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