J-Pop Attack

A few events are starting this week and on Monday! Rhapsody started today and I just happen to snag a few items from stores I’ve never even heard of. Which is a good thing, because from what I saw from their shops I’ll look forward to future events. Next coming behind Rhapsody, is the MANGA FAIR! -dances- I was REALLY excited about this event and jumped right on it to be a blogger which I was sooo happy I got accepted I almost crashed my car checking my email. There are so many stores I haven’t even heard of and the sim looks TOTES AMAZING. I own quite a few Mangas, I read them online. Dances in the Vampires Bund, Nana, Vampire Knight, Soul Eater, man I even have all the Shojo Beats and Yen+ [plus].


With the help of some really awesome “mentors” from plurk I took their suggestions on my green screening skills and put them to much improved skills. I actually loved how this photo came out! It was something different not just to me, but how I blog.


The outfit is a mixture of items from Rhapsody and Manga Fair: ZoZ, N2, Panik, Poseology, Sweet Thing, and Runaway. As you can see I’m very colorful, happy and looking like a popstar! Manga Fair doesn’t open till Monday folks, look for the slurl. Rhapsody is now open so I’ll be posting the SLURL for that event! Stay tuned!




Hair: Runaway – Dandy Hair [New][Mesh][@ Manga Fair][Event is NOT OPEN]

Skin: Lumae – Nima – Cookie (6)/Watermelon [New][Free][Group gift for SL Free & Offer]



Top: N2 – Cali Cupcake Girl Halter Top – Placid [New][Mesh][@ Rhapsody]

Shorts: N2 – Cali Cupcake Girl Shorties – Orchid Pink [New][Mesh][@ Rhapsody]



Head Wings: Sweet Thing – Bubblegum Angel Minis [New][Mesh][@ Manga Fair][Event is NOT OPEN]

Sunglasses: Epic – You’re a Star [Kawaii Edition][Old freebie]

Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer – Heart & Soul [New]

Rings: Zombie Suicide – Bee-Bon Rings [For Slink hands, but with moding skills can use for regular SL hands]

Nail Polish: ZoZ – Piano Keys – Silver Polish [New][For Slink Hands/Toes][@ Rhapsody]

Bracelets: Razorblade Jacket – Studded Wrist [Mesh][Hunt item 5L]

Navel: Infinity – Belly Piercing [From ex hunt]



Eye Wings: Panik – The Kawaii Eyes – Wings – Rose [New][Mesh][@ Manga Fair][Event is NOT OPEN] [These are actually bags, I just thought they looked cute as props]

Pose: Poseology – Brittany [New][@ Rhapsody][Mic I’m wearing comes with the poses!]


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