There’s a new broad in town, name is Nima

Lumae released a preview of her new skin called Nima on Sunday, it cake in a makeup called Kissyface! A little bit of eyeshadow and lipstick. It was 75L, comes in 8 tones and it was for Lazy Sunday! A lot of new releases also from Ploom and Tameless Hair. The Ploom hairs are released at events only folks. I’ll post the LMS to all the events that they are at.



[Left to right: Icing 1, Cream 2, Latte 3, Honey 4]

Top Hairs: Ploom – Ouch, Holli, Boomer, Peach.


[Left to right: Caramel 5, Cookie 6, Truffle 7, Cocoa 8]

Bottom Hairs: Tameless Hair – Wendy, Consuela; Koy – Hanni, Kyra

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Jelly [Shown in Sage & Sky]


Lingerie: Buttery Toast – Cotton Candy Lingerie [Ex Freebie; The Cotton Candy Hunt]


Choker: Barely Legal – Spiked Choker

Necklace: AlterEgo – U Can’t sit with us [GG, fee to join]

Event SLurls

Boomer: Level up

Holli & Ouch: Summerfest

Peach: The Fantasy Collective

Store Slurls

Tameless Hair



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