Lumae: Odette

Lumae released a new skin called Odette, I have to say I am really pleased with the face. I was looking at my own face and stunned at how nice the skin looked on me without all my piercings and make-up. I might switch to the darker skin tone because for some reason I just really love tone 8, and to me darker tones like that aren’t my taste. Moving along this has been out for awhile sorry I just got to it but KOY released a new hairstyle its non rigged mesh, short, cute called Hanni. This has to my favorite short hairstyle. I wish more creators would make a lot of punky or just plan short hairstyles.


Left to Right: Odette – Icing [1], Cream [2], Latte [3], Honey [4].


Left to Right: Odette – Caramel [5], Cookie [6], Truffle [7], Cocoa [8].

[You can also find Lumae at Genre skin tones 4,5,&6 in a makeup called Arabian Nights]

Hair: Koy – Hanni [New]

Eyes: Dead Apples – Solar Eyes 1 – Emerald

Top: Sn@tch – Erica Tie Dye Coverup [New][Mesh]


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