Sensual Thought

This is a bit different, I am posting about my Roleplay character Zenobia in a very sensual delight. Recently in my roleplay I met an interesting character called Reese and well one thing let to another they became lovers over time. Well, Zenobia has a hard time trusting anyone let alone develop feelings for a person romantically. She is in a conflict when it comes to Reese. Reese does all the right things, she is a very bold and forward something that frightens Zenobia, because Reese is similar in ways of her Ex. So she has a tendency to push Reese away and run from her, because she feels that Reese has motives that were similar to her Ex. Now, Zenobia actually likes Reese and is attracted to her and well she thought she’ll enjoy and get some frustration out regarding her feelings for Reese.





Hair: Ploom – Splayed [NEW]

Skin: The Plastik – Astrali – Dyrzi



Lingerie – Miss Canning – Myrle Lingerie [New]



Collar: Muschi – Desire Collar – Basic Black [Free][@Market Place]

Sleeves: La Malvada Mujer – La Bocca Chiusa

Belly Tattoo: Taox – Wild Butterfly

Piercing 1: Cute Poison – Atonement Piercings

Piercing 2: HoD – Fire in the water prt 2

Piercing 3: Virtual Insanity – Sub Rosa Belly Chain

Piercing 4: HoD – Thrust Round hip Dermals



Massager: Commoner – Break-up Survival it/ Personal Massager [New][Mesh][The Arcade June 2014]

Bed: Alouette – The Big Bad Wolf Bed

Pose: Zenith – Horizon



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