Lumae has a new broad in town named Evie

The owner of Lumae has finally got herself together in real life and graced her with a new skin called Evie! Its quite lovely the thing I love the most on this skin are the lips, they look so darn yummy. I asked her once about the eyebrows if she could make one for gingers. I already use multiple tattoo layers human and I don’t want to substitute for the eyebrows. That’s just me. It comes with tones of cleavage options, loud mouth applier, slink, tango, phat azz and so forth. If you are also apart of the group, you can get the group gift of Evie! She even placed Evie up at the FabFree Headquaters area up for grabs.

Evie 1

[Left to Right: Icing, Cream, Latte, Honey, Caramel, Cookie]

Evie 2

[Left to Right: Truffle and Cocoa]

These ones are located at FabFree Headquaters


[Left to Right: Cream/ Electron, Honey/ Electron, Cookie/ Electron, Cocoa/ Electron]


Hair Photo 1: Asset – Hurricane Hair [Shown in Reds]

Hair Photo 2: Asset – Love Letter Hair [Shown in Reds]

Eye: Half-Deer – Summer Delights Eyes [Shown in Tangerine Kanten & Strawberry Kanten Jelly Eyes][New][Mesh][@ The Arcade June 2014]


Top: Sn@tch – Frankie Sheer Tank


Tattoo: Amacci – Heart Tattoo [Old Freebie]

Collar: Barely Legal – Spiked Choker [Mesh][Goody Two Shoes]

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