Dark Trip

This is something different from what I usually do with my backgrounds and so forth. I decided to practice the green screen and more editing in photoshop. Its kind of difficult at some points but I think I am getting the hang of it. I had no idea what I was thinking I was just mainly going with he flow off what I was listening too which was Trap and EBM; thus the title. I have some new items from SongBird, its an charity item at World Goth Fair. Free hair from Taketomi, New skin from Lumae which I’ll blog in more detail in a later post, and eyes from Nocturnal Couture.

Dark Trip



Hair: Taketomi – Kiyomi II [Free][Group Gift, no fee][Mesh]

Skin: Lumae – Una – 6 – Cookie-Charcoal [New][Will show in another blog post]

Eyes: Nocturnal Couture – Infected Blue & Poison Shut [Left & Right][Mesh][Love these eyes very much!]

Makeup: Dead Apples – Tint my lids eyeshadow [Shown in Black][Free,Group gift][Group Join Fee]

Scar: Zombie Suicide – Face Scar no. 1




SongBird – Skully Sweater [New][Shown in Black][Mesh][@ World Goth Fair]




Facial Tattoo: GhostInk – Jill [@Marketplace]

Facial Piercing: Zombie Suicide – Hannah Piercing v1 [Mesh]

Ears: Zombie Suicide – Mesh Gauged Ears

Add Ons: Judgement Ear Piercing

Add Ons: Word Plug

Harness: Dark Prophet Designs – Weapons Harness IV [Mesh]

Body Tattoo: Para Designs – Snakebite


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