Shallow Nation

” Galvanized steel, sheet in oil.”

“Believe in a punch line in orders to improve.”

“Live in a nation, a shallow formation.”

“Technical adjustments in orders to improve.”

” Welcome to this shallow nation.”

” Join us for a narrow mind.”

“As our eyes turns back.”

“and our minds turns black.”

“Losing all self control.”

“Welcome to the Shallow Nation.”



Hair: Damselfly – Sindy [New][Mesh][@ World Goth Fair]

Eyes: Chop Shop – Hollowed Eyes [New][Mesh][Shown in Red and White][@ World Goth Fair]

Skin: Lumae – Una – Cookie

Eyeshadow: Beautiful Freak – Demonia Eyeliner [New][@ World Goth Fair]

Lipstick: Beautiful Freak – Wonderland lipstick [New][@World Goth Fair]


Outfit: Gauze – Fenrir Armor Set [New][Mesh[Shown in Mithril


Ears: Trap – Vamp Ears [New][Mesh]

Facial Tattoo: GhostInk – Jill [@ Marketplace]

Facial Piercing: Ellabella – Saint [New][Mesh][@ World Goth Fair]

Collar: Bliensen + MaiTai – Mano [New][Mesh][Shown in Dark][@ World Goth Fair]

Chest Piercing 1: Cute Poison – Reticent Piercing [Mesh]

Chest Piercing 2: Cute Poison – Fallen Piercing [Part of Pack ][Mesh]


Chair: by Nacht – Cozy Chtulhu Chair [New][Mesh][Shown in Black ][Softlink][A bit LI heavy about 18 LI with the wings but without its 14 LI][@ World Goth Fair]


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