Where U Been

“Say you nobody till somebody gonna body you, flatline.”

” Pocket full of dead broad and you know I’m anti.”

” Anti- Social, anti- lame, but ain

t I a cool broad, ain’t I?”

” You lookin’ at a star that’s spaced out, tryin’ to take my style then take off.”

” I go to work with no days off, everything all paid off.”

” Shawty cat hair shaved off and she did it just for me, broad! ”

Would skip you like a spacebar, but I much rather delete broads!”


Hair: Ploom- Becca [New][Mesh][Shown in Candy][@ FaMeshed]

Tattoo: Suicide Gurls- Petite Tattoo [Comes with Lola Applier]

Chest Piercing: Zombie Suicide- Pink Fusion piercing [New][Mesh][@ Pink Fusion Hunt; 5L, started today]

Outfit: Sn@tch- Frankie Mixed Mesh Outfit [New][Mesh][@ Sn@tch Daily Deals]

Bracelet right: O.M.E.N- Spiked Bracelets

Bracelet Left: Pure Poison- Pety Unisex Bracelets [Black & Silver]

Navel: Hebenon Vial- Churchgoer

Sneakers: Razorblade Jacket- Dethbow [New][Mesh][@ Pink Fusion Hunt; 5L, hunt started today]

Poses: Label Motion


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