” Candles raised my desire.”

“Why I’m so far away.”

“No more meaning to my life.”

“No more reason to stay.”

“Freezing feeling, breathe in – breathe in”

“I’m coming back again…” 

” I’m not the one who’s so far away.”

“When  I feel the snake bite enter my veins.”

“Never did want to be here again.”

“And I don’t remember why I came.” 
VooDoo Studies

I felt this “book” was a bit more suitable for my Roleplay girl Zenobia than it is for Syn, since Zenobia more a heavier active Voodoo background than Syn.  Plus I feel in love with the book, I thought it was very much different than most tomes I’ve seen around. It really spoke of Voodoo or necromancy, plus I wanted to Urbanize it, I didn’t want to take it all the way Ol’ School type.


Hair: Tableau Vivant- Gloster Hair [New][Mesh][Shown n Fall][My Attic item]

Skin: The Plastik- Astrali Skin-Dyrzi

Eyes: Dead Apples- Striking Eyes [Shown in Ice and Olive]

Makeup: The Plastik- Foxxe Makeup-Ghoul

Glasses: OMEN- Studded Horn Rim Glasses

Piercings: HoD

Cigarette: Hermony

Outfit: The Plastik- Viviana- Jaks

Tattoo: Suicide Gurls- Grizzle Tattoo[Free][Group Fee] [March Group Gift]

Leg Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer- Muna [New]

Ring: Zombie Suicide- Tenckle Wrapped Ring [New][Mesh][Krave Inc. event]

Boots: RedMint- EPunk Boots No. 05 [Mesh]

Book Prop: Pixicat- Spell Books w/ flying pages[New][Mesh] [Shown in Light/Dark] [We <3 RP, opens April 4th]

Pose: Lamp*Light- Your Funeral [Marketplace]


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