” Do you believe in the beauty of love?”

“Or that heaven is vengeance disguised, he sees”

“Do you believe we will pay for our sins?”

“And I believe everything’s learned from the scars of man.” 

” I see you”

“I see you”

SplinterHair: Milk- Butterflies [New][Mesh][We <3 RP Event]

Skin: The Plastik- Astrali-Gyatala [New][Skin Fair 2014]

Eyes: Dead Apples- Striking Eyes [Ice & Olive][New][Mesh][Mens Department]

Head Band: Kio- Rising Head Band- Crow [New][Mesh][We <3 RP Event]

Head Band 2: Keystone- L’Thia’s Coins [Metals][Onyx][New][Mesh][We <3 RP Event]

Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai- Cassis Necklace [New][Mesh][We <3 RP Event]

Top: OrsiniSun- Wild Skin Outfit [Includes Bangles, Head piece, Brooch][Only shown Bangles and top] [New][Mesh][We <3 RP Event]

Pose: Musa- Jewel Pose [New][We <3 RP Event]

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