Access and Amplify

“Embrace the wings that they gave you.”

“I know you’ve felt the emptiness”

“Behind your empty words.”

“Your silent screams confuse me.”

” And now you feel the pain is real.”

“You got no one else to blame.”

“Don’t let your rain fall down on me.”

“Wish I was there to prove you wrong.” 



Access and Amplify

Hair: Ploom- Ana

Headgear: @->~ISD- Darknet Headgear [New][Shown in Yellow][Futurewave exclusive]

Collar: Gallactic- Eclipse collar [Shown in Cyan][New][Futurewave exclusive]

Jewelry Set: Chaos, Panic, & Disorder- Ceti Set [New][Colorchangeable][Futurewave Exclusive]

Arm band: Dv8- Zydrate Fix [No longer available]

Outfit: SAKIDE- Cybertect Outfit [New][Mesh][Futurewave Exclusive]

Cables: Death Row Designs- Cyborg Cables [New][Futrewave Exclusive] [Comes with and without sound and electricity]

Pose: NanTra- Requiem [New][Futurewave Exclusive]

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