Super Space Invader

“Super Space Invader”

“Coming from the outer space!”

Futurewave is kicking of in about 12 hours! I meany holy carrotsticks I am flockin’ excited or this event. You have all sorts of designers in here: Static, Graves, Miamai,  NanTra, Death Row Designs, By Snow, Beautiful Freaks and more. Stores I’ve never even heard of! I mean If you aren’t amped up as I am then you need to go seek help.  The sim is beautiful, the items are ten times explosive and just freaklishly deelicious. I am just so excited about this event!  Here is a few items I am wearing from Graves, Miamai, NanTra and Paper Moon.


Hair: Ploom- Harlowe

Visor: Paper Moon- HoloVisor- Kawaii [New][Mesh][Shown Purple/Pink][Futurewave exclusive]

Outfit: Graves- G462 Velocity [New][Shown in Purple][Futurewave exclusive]

Boots: Miamai- Tinker Taylor Boots- Dark Assault  [New][Mesh][Futurewave exclusive]

Pose: NanTra- Defying Gravity [New][Futurewave exclusive]

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