Psycho B!tch

Wild Child

“Runnin’ wild, behind this smile is a frown.”

“That’ll make ya lay it down, quickly, she shifty

Killa strictly, out to come and get me.”

“From a rose, to a .357 360.”

Psycho Bitch” 


Hair: Magika- Road [New][Mesh][Pack 03 NEW NEW NEW, sale ends soon only the new packs that she produced THIS year and only PACK 03  is on sale. Why its on sale NEW TEXTURES]

Glasses: Sn@tch- Puppy Love Shades [New][Mesh]

Makeup: Glamorize- Black Hearted Makeup [Combo][NEW][Marketplace]

Collar: Zombie Suicide- Violette Collar Cross [NEW][Mesh][Available at Suicide Dollz]

Necklace: Zombie Suicide- Octo Necklace

Nail Polish: MV-Melting Hearts [Rainbow][RARE][Gacha item][New][Slink Nail applier][SLGBTA Gacha event]

Jacket: Sn@tch- Disco Fur Jacket [New][Mesh][Shown in Red]

Corset: Sn@tch- Body Heart Suede Corset [Mesh]

Shorts: SAKIDE- Hallow Shorts [Mesh]

Tights: Suicide Unborn- Ripped tights [part of an old outfit]

Stockings: Sn@tch- Shannon Garter Socks [Darks Pack]

Shoes: Sn@Tch- Eartha Leather Boots Gloves:

Razorblade Jacket- Venus Arm Warmers- Spikes- Fire [Gacha item][Thrifty Shop]

Furniture: Stone Misery – Valentine  [1L][Tainted Love Hunt][Table included]

Neon Sign: MeadowWorks- Vintage Lights- Stag Love[RARE] [Gacha item][SLGBTA Gacha event]

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