My Toy

“Your bloody lips taste so sweet.”

“But you are just a toy to me.”

Your dream of endless love is over now.”

“And you are just a toy to me.”

Enchantment Relation01

I had fun taking this photo. I thank Hideyuki for being patient with me on my dinosaur of a computer. Been awhile since I took a “couple” photo! The photo is mainly to display Alouette’s bed; The Big Bad Wolf Bed, from Enchantment Event.

Bed: Alouette- The Big Bad Wolf Bed[New][Mesh][11 land impact][Comes with singles and Couple Poses][Enchantment Event]

Chest: Wayward Muse- Cuir Chest

Chair: Noctis- Raelene’s wingback chair [Part of R&R wingback set]

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